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Policies & Procedures

At Dance Expressions, each and every dancer is an important member of our studio. We believe dancers should be taught in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment. Below you will find important information regarding our studio and policies and procedures. Please take a moment to carefully review the information with your dancer and download a copy of our Studio Rules and Policies Handbook for your records.

» Click here to download our Studio Rules and Policies Handbook (.pdf file)


Class Etiquette

•  No food or drink in the dance room, besides water.

•  No snacking during class time.

•  Cell phones are not to be used in class and should be turned off or on mute.

•  Profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, and or gossip will not be tolerated. Positive energy only!

•  Keep hands off the mirrors.

•  No hanging on the barres.

•  Students and parents will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while at Dance Expressions and at all performances and events in which Dance Expressions is being represented. Proper respect for instructors is expected of all students, parents/guardians and siblings.

•  Bring a good attitude to class. Attitudes that are disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressive do not have a place at Dance Expressions.

•  Students will not speak negatively about one another or the teachers.

•  Any parent/guardian or student who disrupts class or approaches a teacher, another student or parent with the intent to cause dissent or contravene the policies and procedures of Dance Expressions will be dismissed immediately.

•  Any inappropriate or slanderous remarks about Dance Expressions on any social media site will be cause for immediate dismissal from the studio.

•  Always use strong arms, stretched feet, proper body alignment and 100% of your energies during class.

•  And remember to smile, learn, and have fun in each class!



•  Students are expected to be in class each and every week. Absences or tardiness can have a negative effect on the entire class.

•  Make sure you notify the teacher in case of an absence.

•  If a student is absent from class they are responsible for learning the steps taught in the lesson missed.

•  If attendance becomes a problem the student's participation in the show will be discussed with a possibility of not being able to perform.


Class Observation

•  We appreciate our dance families and their support, but we ask parents to view their student’s progress from the lobby.

•  Please stand away from the viewing window if it is obvious the student is distracted. Sometimes students feel additional pressure and stress when trying to please a parent. It is important for all students to remain focused while in the classroom.

•  No visitors are permitted in the dance room during class time.

Lost and Found

•  Please mark all dancewear, shoes, and personal items with your child’s name. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items; however, we cannot be responsible for any items that your child brings to class.

Student and Parent Use of Social Media

The use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and other social media outlets is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide parents and students with guidelines for the use of social media regarding Dance Expressions.

•  Please use common sense and discretion when posting on these sites.

•  Never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of students who attend Dance Expressions.

•  Never post any negative comments about Dance Expressions, our teachers, our performances, or any events attended.

•  If you post videos of class or rehearsals, do not post any choreography in its entirety.

•   If it is brought to our attention that there has been improper use of social media, you will be asked to remove the content and if not done so or if this continues to be a problem, it may result in dismissal of the student.


No Solicitation Policy

•  Solicitation/Recruitment is unprofessional and unethical and will not be tolerated. Out of respect for Dance Expressions and what we have created, we ask that no student or parents of students currently taking classes at Dance Expressions and recently thereafter solicit/recruit, or attempt to solicit/recruit, Dance Expression’s students and/or parents for other instruction relating to dance.


End of the Year Show

This is the highlight of the year for our dancers as they are given the opportunity to wow family and friends and show off all of their hard work!

There is a separate costume fee that will be due in December. We order early to ensure that we will get costumes on time. There are no refunds once costumes are ordered.

As we get closer to our June performance, we will send out the rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals are held the week of the show. During this week there will be no regularly scheduled classes - the week of the show will not look like your child’s regular weekly schedule. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and stay for the duration of their scheduled time as this is the last chance to clean up, make changes, and polish the dances. Even when one person misses, they can upset the balance of the spacing. If you are not present at rehearsal, there is a possibility that you will not be in certain parts of the dance and in some cases removed from the number.



Every now and then we like to post some photos of our classes, performances, and general "studio life." These photos are used for advertising, Facebook, Instagram, and our website.


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